This practice is inspired by Brené Brown. When she first started writing online this was how she celebrated Friday. I love the simplicity of the format and I hope you enjoy!

Here is what I am trusting, grateful for, inspired by, and doing for fun this week.

Trusting: I’m repeating myself here. However, with the conversations this week about lifting stay-at-home orders, I again find myself having to TRUST. I need to trust leaders and decision makers across the world. I trust that they will do what is right and protects human life, even if its not the easiest or most popular choice.

Grateful for: I am grateful for nature. It was so inspiring to see Earth Day posts on social media this week showcasing the places people enjoy. I am grateful, too to live in a beautiful and accessible place.

Inspired by: The people who keep showing up. Its a tough time in the world and It would be easy to stay in bed all day. Thank you to the health care workers, first responders, and essential employees who keep showing up for the rest of us.

Doing for FUN!: I got an at home facial kit from Amy (@Junto, $40 and she mailed It!) I can’t wait to make some time and space to relax and finally try a jade roller! I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a facial so this will be a nice treat.

What is your TGIF this week? Share in the comments or email me at marney.babbitt(at), I’d love to hear from you!

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