This practice is inspired by Brené Brown. When she first started writing online this was how she celebrated Friday. I love the simplicity of the format and I hope you enjoy!

Here is what I am trusting, grateful for, inspired by, and doing for fun this week.

Trusting: I am presenting at a workshop tomorrow. I am trusting that I have prepared as much as is reasonable and will have a great time at this event meeting new people and sharing the Dare to Lead work.

Grateful for: The ability to donate blood. I was able to donate on Tuesday during my lunch break. After the holidays is always a tough time for the US blood supply as the need is high and donations are low. If you are able, please donate. Its a free and easy way to save a life. Find a blood drive near you here.

Inspired by: This question from James Clear’s weekly email: “What am I holding on to that I need to let go of this year?”

Doing for FUN!: On Wednesday night I went to a local bar for “Not Yo Grandma’s Bingo” with three friends. None of us won, but it was fun to be together and get a little competitive.

What is your TGIF this week? Share in the comments or email me at marney.babbitt(at), I’d love to hear from you!

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