This practice is inspired by Brené Brown. When she first started writing online this was how she celebrated Friday. I love the simplicity of the format and I hope you enjoy!

Here is what I am trusting, grateful for, inspired by, and doing for fun this week.

Trusting: On Saturday I am co-facilitating Girls on the Run new coach training. I have not facilitated with my co-facilitator before, and GOTRI just updated the training. I am trusting that the time and energy I have put toward getting ready make it a great experience for the coaches we are training, me, and my co-facilitator.

Grateful for: Getting to be home with my husband. Being home together is not something we have had a lot of in the almost 2 years of our marriage (or, really the whole time we’ve known for each other.) I look forward to spending more time with him at home just being together.

Inspired by: One of my clients at work. He got caught up in a reduction in force and has handled his unplanned job search with such a positive attitude. Today he just made me laugh about silly things like: “stock options are great but they won’t put gas in my car.” I really hope he is able to find a job soon at a great company that can benefit from his professional expertise, but also his generous personality.

Doing for FUN!: One of my New Years resolutions was to create a closet space that works for me and makes getting dressed enjoyable. The first step was to figure out what I really wear and want to keep now that I don’t go into an office everyday. Now that I know what I want to be able to find I ordered some new organization tools and can’t wait to get started this weekend with the organization.

What is your TGIF this week? Share in the comments or email me at marney.babbitt(at), I’d love to hear from you!

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