This practice is inspired by Brené Brown. When she first started writing online this was how she celebrated Friday. I love the simplicity of the format and I hope you enjoy!

Here is what I am trusting, grateful for, inspired by, and doing for fun this week.

Trusting: Agency Archetypes Quiz from Tiffany Han

What I’ve had to learn (the long, meandering way) is that moving the needle forward doesn’t mean anything if it’s moving forward in a direction I don’t want.

Grateful for: Teachers! With all the conversation about going back to school (or not) in the fall these incredible hard working folks are facing so much uncertainty. They are taking so much in stride right now to ensure the best experience for kids this fall. Thank you, teachers!

Inspired by: What is Racism? A piece was written by Dr. Laura Morlock. I loved it for its clarity, examples, and actionable advice.

As a white person in North America, always ask yourself “why?,” keep your eyes and ears open, keep your mouth mostly closed except when you can use your voice to amplify (not speak over) BIPOC voices, and always keep striving to learn. Because this journey is never over. You will never arrive at some magical city at the end of the checkerboard road where you will earn the badge “Not Racist.”

Doing for FUN!: Watching more of the Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix. I love the updates they have made while still keeping true to the original characters. The storylines are also super relevant and have great life lessons for young people.

What is your TGIF this week? Share in the comments or email me at marney.babbitt(at), I’d love to hear from you!

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