This practice is inspired by Brené Brown. When she first started writing online this was how she celebrated Friday. I love the simplicity of the format and I hope you enjoy!

Here is what I am trusting, grateful for, inspired by, and doing for fun this week.

Trusting: I don’t know about you but the world is feeling very overwhelming these days. 6+ months of intense change in all areas of our lives is taking its tole on my energy and motivation. Here is to trusting some good things happen soon!

Grateful for: The incredible network of friends and colleagues I have that create and share opportunities for me. More to come on a fun opportunity for YOU in November.

Inspired by: “There’s one thing our sad tale can teach, and that’s how to think about sunk cost.” This post on sunk cost and letting a dream die from  Future Fundraising Now. I promise its relevant to you even if you are not a fundraiser.

Doing for FUN!: Getting away from my computer!! I want to take the dog on a walk, read a paper book and plan some delicious and easy meals for the week ahead.

What is your TGIF this week? Share in the comments or email me at marney.babbitt(at), I’d love to hear from you!

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