Books are one of my favorite escapes from the world around me. However, because the library is my primary “book store” I often read things much later than the rest of the world, or sometimes before they become super popular. Here is what I read and loved in 2019.

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I want to give every college graduate I know this book! Its helpful and inspiring. I really enjoyed reading it and am using her suggestions to “get things done”!


Since launching this website I have used a style guide more than I have since college. I loved this because its current (there is a section on e-mail vs email) but more importantly its funny and readable.


This book is simple but inspiring and I love the practical tips at the end of each chapter to help make the world a better place.


I was really surprised by this cookbook. The recipes are delicious and all whole-food based, but more importantly they are simple and 99% of them come together in 30 minutes or less. He uses lots of easy to get food and fun herbs.




Perhaps its because I grew up in a “haunted” house that I so enjoyed this book. Its a rather silly account of a realtor in Charleston, SC who inherits a haunted house.


This story is inspired by the paintings of Edgar Degas and is hauntingly beautiful.


My brother gave me this spy tale for Christmas 2018 and I think I finished it in 2 days. Its a story of women’s power during WWII.


I have read and enjoyed a number of Lauren Willig’s other stories. This one stuck with me because of the historical setting, suspense, and surprise.


What did you enjoy in 2019 that I can add to my 2020 reading list?

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