What is a health and wellness coach?
I am your partner in change. We work together to clarify what you’re wanting for yourself and create a plan to get you there.

What do we talk about during a coaching session?
We talk about you! Some common areas include: stress, sleep, nutrition, physical activity, communication, weight management, and clutter. Why clutter? Well, decluttering is a popular subject because our environment plays a role in our well-being and stress levels. We can talk about anything that you notice is getting in the way of living the wholehearted life you imagine for yourself, and our environment is a big part of our lived experience.

Will you just tell me what to do?
Nope! You are the expert in your life. I will listen and ask questions that ultimately help you decide on your best next step. Sometimes things will go well and other times you might need to re-assess. That is okay, normal, and part of the process!

Is health coaching like therapy or personal training?
Not at all! Therapy is for recovery and coaching is for discovery. Unlike therapy, we do not spend too much time discussing the past or the problem. Unlike coaching, I won’t be joining you at the gym. We look at times when you were successful and capitalize on those patterns to help you live your best life. We talk about workout plans so that you can find success when increasing your physical activity. Health coaching focuses on your whole life, and we work together to set goals you want to achieve.

How much time will I need to invest in health coaching?
Your level of participation is up to you. The more you put in, the more you get out. That being said, we want this to be something that makes your life better and doesn’t add more stress. In your exploratory call we can talk more about the time commitment, especially if it feels like it will be a barrier for you.

I don’t live in Arizona. Can I still work with you?
Absolutely! The vast majority of my clients do not live in Arizona.

How much does joining cost?
My fees are $2,700 upfront, or 3 monthly payments of $950. Over 3 months we will meet 9 times for 50 minutes by phone or Zoom- your choice! I am also available by email between sessions.

Do you take insurance?
I don’t bill health insurance, but you can use your pre-tax reimbursement program (FSA, HSA, or HRA).

Will you share information about my coaching session with anyone?
No. Everything you share in our sessions is confidential and kept secure. I follow HIPAA guidelines, ensuring the protection of privacy and your medical information.

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