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1:1 Health Coaching

1:1 Health Coaching is the majority of my work and it is my passion. I have helped hundreds of clients discover how to build happy, healthy lives. 

I won’t try to sell you a popular influencer’s diet or a workout plan. You don’t have to become vegan or only eat before 6pm. Together, we will explore what is working really well in your life right now and give attention to the areas where you want to make change. 

My clients have lost weight, gained energy, felt really good about their food choices, reduced stress, increased physical activity and improved their sleep. 

We all know what we “should” be doing to feel great in our bodies. There are so many reasons that the common wisdom might not work for you. Together we will find what works for YOU in YOUR life.

When I started this journey, I was so skeptical, and seeing how much change I’ve been able to bring about in my life is beyond anything I imagined I could do. And it’s not just about the food I eat, it’s about EVERY part of my life. I’m more mindful and full of intent. It’s truly awesome. I’m almost in tears just thinking about it. -Izzy

The Coaching Engagement with Marney

I offer 3-month coaching engagements. Making a more substantial commitment allows my clients the time to try things out so that we can find what really works for YOU.

I’ve offered many different types of coaching engagements over the years, but this is now all I offer. I’ve found this structure to be the most helpful for my clients. 

Over 3 months we will meet 9 times for 50 minutes via phone or zoom- your choice! I am also available by email between sessions.

My fees are $2,700 upfront, or 3 monthly payments of $950.

I love knowing there is someone out there who’s willing to listen to my challenges and try to help me find a solution. I’m thinking a lot about how this is working for me, not just the weight loss, but trying to be healthier overall, and I’m starting to feel that small changes can make a bigger difference over time. -Barbara