What happens during a coaching session?

A coaching session is focused on YOU – your values, hopes, and dreams. Together, for 50 minutes, we imagine your ideal future. Using this big picture, we will co-create a plan to get you there. In one of our first sessions together we will set personalized goals, and I will provide accountability for you over the next 3 months as you accomplish them.

We will explore your motivations and strengths, the steps you will take to reach your health goals, and different ways to overcome barriers. We will ensure that the plan we make works for YOU in YOUR life. The role of a health coach is not to tell you what to do; each session is approached in the spirit of collaboration and partnership, with a shared goal of supporting your overall well-being. 

Our session can be by phone or Zoom- your choice! If you are in Northern Arizona, we can also meet in person. 

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